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 Student Storage Guide


  • Store just about anything you like, from bikes to office furniture with our extremely low cost student storage service. Specifically designed for students who are wishing to store their belongings over the summer break, or any other desired period. (See our terms & conditions for prohibited items) 

  • Costs are£25 for the first box or case, then £5 for each additional item after that. There is a £3 surcharge for extra large items like oversized bags & cases. This is a set price for the entire duration of the summer break. Last week of June - First week of October (extra fees apply if you want to store earlier). After this time, we will automatically re-invoice you until the 1st week of February if you decide not to return for the new academic year. 

  • Boxes, we provide strong, good quality large boxes which are Free of charge. We can also  provide other packaging materials upon request for a small fee. We provide the largest boxes, we are also the only company that provide the empty boxes free of charge!

  • Collection & delivery, can be made anywhere on the University campus, or anywhere in Lancaster. There is a one off £10 charge to pay, but this is only to cover the cost of delivering your empty boxes (more can be delivered at no extra cost), picking up your storage when you are ready to leave, & returning your storage on your desired day when you arrive back, this price is only available to customers with 15 items or less or there will be an extra £20 charge. Just like all the other companies this price is only a door to door service. If you would like your storage collected from your room & returned back to your room please contact us in advance to discuss this service. We only collect and deliver from 9am- 5:30pm, please contact us to arrange for collections and deliveries outside of these hours.

  • Health and safety concerns of all our staff is paramount, boxes must not exceed a 25kg. Anything over this, repacking charges will added to your invoice (we will always notify you in advance of added charges). Also keeping your suitcase under 25kg will minimise the impact of any damage occurring to it, most aren't designed to hold more than 25kg. Also food must not be stored, this is extremely important. Even though we have the very best pest control systems in place it can attract pests, which will destroy not just your things but other people's things too to get to the food, if we suspect food is stored or any spills out from your storage we will dispose of it and charge you a cleaning fee. 

  • No hidden charges, the total you are given on the day of collection by our driver's is the total you pay, unless you decide not to come back for the next academic year. Please get in touch for a quote on extending your storage beyond the summer break, We do also apply charges for collection and delivery if vehicles cant be at close proximity, an evening charge after 5pm and also after 12pm on Saturday's. These costs can be found in our terms and conditions. Or contact to confirm costs.

  • Proof of storage collected, will be given in the form of a digital invoice on the day of collection. This will have your own unique invoice number which you can quote when making a query. The cost of storage will also be displayed, broken down & easy to follow on an attached PDF. An inventory will be displayed with a brief description of every bag, case or miscellaneous item we have collected from you not the contents. You if you lose the email and can't provide the invoice number then there will be a £20 admin charge.

  •  No upfront costs, so no need to worry about paying the entire cost of storage in advance. Payments can be made online by credit or debit card in your own time through our secure payment system via the link on your invoice within 90 days. Or you can pay cash at any time from collection day right up until the day of delivery on your return if agreed in advance. Please be aware storage will not be handed over until  payment has been made in full.

  • Secure storage, your belongings will be kept together in our new, purpose built warehouse protected by the latest in security systems. So you can be assured that your personal belongings are kept in a safe, clean, dry & secure environment.

  • Returns, 7 days notice is the very minimum time that must be given for a delivery date of your choosing, and can only be done via email. Do not phone or text to organise delivery. If you require your storage sooner than the 7 day period there will be an extra £30 charge, as it takes extra time and staff to arrange this. We aim to return your storage on your pre-booked dates, but this may change at anytime due to unforeseen factors that are beyond our control. We only deliver storage from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm & Saturday up until midday, anything out of this period can be arranged but charges will apply. Our driver's will only wait 15 mins, If a re-delivery is required as you weren't present at the agreed time then there is a £25 re-delivery charge. (Please read our full Terms & Conditions on student storage on our terms and conditions page before purchase) 

  • Shipping, if your unable to return, or are deciding to study at a different university, we can forward your storage to anywhere in the UK or Worldwide with insurance and a tracking service. Please email us any time for a shipping quotation.

  • Room packing is also available if your out of the country, or unable to carry this out yourself. Email for more info.

  • Due to the to the cost of fuel rising, there will now be a £3.50 fuel surcharge added.

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